We are a fully telehealth based mental health practice that provides both mental health counseling as well as psychiatric medication management. Our focus is on providing quality, personalized services to adults throughout Texas. We prefer to keep things simple. That means we do not utilize a team of support staff to fulfill different roles. We instead prefer to connect with every client on a more individualized level and work with them directly. That means less chance for clients to get lost in the shuffle of messages and more timely responses. We believe this leads to a better overall experience for clients and a sense of greater connection with their provider. 

Our clients are motivated and have made the decision to start therapy or medication management and are doing so for themselves, not for someone else. They understand they must be an active participant in the process. are not a good fit for individuals who need more intensive, community agency based services that are best met through a social worker. We do our best to ensure our practice is going to be a fit for each client at the time the first appointment is made. 

Is our practice so unique that it is different from every other mental health practice on the internet? No. Is there something that only we do that sets us apart from every other mental health practice out there? No. However, we are pretty similar to many other mental health practices. For example, our practice also:

  • Has separate providers for both psychiatric medication management as well as mental health counseling within the same practice for client convenience as well as improved continuity of care

  • Provides mental health counseling and psychiatric medication management to individuals throughout Texas via telehealth

  • Provides individualized care and collaborates with every client to create a treatment plan that incorporates a plan of action for improved wellbeing   

  • Provides mental health therapy with a therapist who’s style is eclectic and draws from a variety of therapeutic approaches that range from deeper insight oriented therapy to short-term solution focused 


Some characteristics our practice has that make it less common include: 

  • All psychiatric medication management is carried out by a psychiatrist. This is different from mental health practices that heavily if not entirely rely on only nurse practitioners or physician assistants for these services and where clients may rarely if ever actually see the psychiatrist  (to understand why this is significant, click on the Why Us tab to read more) 

  • All therapy provided by a Ph.D. level clinician with over 16 years experience 

  • Providers prefer to contact clients back directly. Turn around on response times tends to be much quicker and overall communication is smoother

  • Much more personalized and patient centered approach to care   




Dr. Laura Cavicchi, LPC-S, Our Family Experts Counseling and Psychiatry


With few exceptions, our hours of operation are able to accommodate most appointment needs.





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