Things to Know Before Your Appointment

Here are some things important to know ahead of time so that your appointment goes smoothly:

1. Let the staff member know at the time you schedule your first appointment if are taking any amphetamine based medications or benzodiazapines such as xanax, clonazapam, etc. as these medications are only prescribed in certain cases and this office may not be able to accommodate that for you. 

2. Be aware that if you are needing FMLA or any other documentation completed  that relates to your job or workplace that this is not a service provided by any of the providers in this office. 

3. Be sure to bring your photo ID at the time of your first appointment if you are seeking medication management. If you forget your ID you may still keep your appointment but not be give your prescription until your ID is on file. 

4. Make sure you have created an account through the patient portal link sent to your e-mail and have completed all new paperwork prior to your appointment. This way, it does not take away from your time with your provider. 

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