As a clinician in private practice, I have experienced the difference it can make to have a psychiatrist just a few steps away as opposed to a few miles down the road. When a psychiatrist and therapist are occupying the same setting, it can make the entire treatment process for the client much smoother and effective. Being in the same setting can also eliminate the ongoing ‘phone tag’ and not only increase communication but also the details that may go unreported when there is only brief and/or infrequent communication with the other provider. 

With telemental health services, the therapist and the psychiatrist can potentially be in different cities or even in different States. This can make collaborating with one another even more of a challenge if there is a lack of connection; this can ultimately negatively impact patient care. While good communication between providers can improve continuity of care, understanding of the issues, and treatment outcomes (Liao, 2019). 

Research supports an integrative approach to mental health treatment that incorporates both mental health therapy and psychiatric medication management. Not only are we able to offer you both treatment types within the same practice but the collaboration between therapist and psychiatrist is also much easier as a result. 

As a result of being part of the same practice, the interprofessional collaborative services we are able to provide you are automatically incorporated into the shared plan that you and your treatment team will create. Having input from you and each provider can better help with identifying your mental healthcare needs and determining a course of action with appropriate, evidence based treatment strategies to meet those needs and an overall improved state of wellbeing.

Sometimes there are instances in which someone is already working with either a therapist or a psychiatric prescriber elsewhere, we understand this and are more than glad to schedule you only with the provider type you are requesting. We will still put the effort into working as a team and collaborating with your other provider the best we can.  

Dr. Laura Cavicchi, LPC-S, Our Family Experts Counseling and Psychiatry


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