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Meet Dr. Robin Hostetter, MD

I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience. I graduated from the University of Toledo College of Medicine and later, trained under one of the top forensic psychiatrists in my field. I served as a psychiatrist in the Army over 20 years and retired as a Colonel. After retiring, I worked with patients in private practice as well as inpatient at several psychiatric hospitals throughout San Antonio and in other States as well. About 10 years ago I began treating patients through telemedicine. My professional opportunities and experiences have allowed me to meet and help individuals from many diverse backgrounds.  I work with individuals ages 18 and older. In addition to medication management, I also provide Veteran evaluation services.

My father was a social worker and inspired me to pursue a career path where I could help others. My parents taught me to be non-judgmental, accepting of others, and compassionate. These are values I have always worked to live by personally and professionally. I believe that most people are seeking to just be understood and validated. When they are not, it becomes a huge source of distress. Listening, empathizing, and validating help me be a team with my patients so that I can better understand and more accurately treat the issue(s)  through medication management. 

 My original plan was to major in English and become a writer. Even though my plans changed, I still write in my spare time. In 2015 I was finally published with the first of 5 books in a series; currently I am working on the 5th. I still look forward every Christmas to going back to the Akron, Ohio area where I am from to see my family. 

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