About Dr. Laura Cavicchi, LPC-S

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Texas Tech University with a secondary emphasis in Philosophy and in 2002 I completed my Master's degree in Counseling at UTSA. Then, in 2004 I completed my clinical training and began practicing as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  After taking a few years off to focus on building and maintaining my practice I returned for my Ph.D., in Counseling Psychology that I completed in 2012 from Walden University. 

For most of my 16 plus years as a clinician, I have been in private practice.  My work over these past years has been wide ranging and varied and has included: Inpatient work with adults, children, and adolescents in psychiatric hospitals; Child custody evaluator and coparent facilitator; Crisis assessor for a number of the ERs throughout San Antonio; Oversight of two separate chronic pain management program's psychological components, Group facilitator in various settings, and Board approved supervisor for Licensed Professional Counseling-Interns. In addition I was also a lecturer within the Department of Psychology at the college level part-time for 6-years and full-time for 2. While I enjoyed teaching, I realized how much I missed private practice and so after my second year of full-time teaching, I started my practice again. 

I have worked extremely hard throughout my career and am grateful for all the opportunities I have had to help people in whatever way I could in so many different ways through my diverse roles. Because of my range of personal and professional experiences I believe it has given me a unique skill set that I draw from in my work with each client. I primarily work with adults ages 18 and older to address a variety issues of that include: Life transitions, College readiness and adjustment, Work/career related obstacles hindering better performance or success, Career changes, and Pandemic related issues and coping.    

Growing up my mother used to always say that in general, people are doing the best they can. That belief became mine as well and one that has been integrated into my work as a mental health therapist. I believe at its root, the reason that brings most of us to therapy is the same. A desire to stop the maladaptive patterns and cycles in our lives that keep producing negative results so that we can become a healthier version of ourselves. I do not believe in a one size fits all approach either. While I tend to favor a combination of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, I define my therapeutic style as eclectic. I incorporate a variety of approaches and theories when I am taking into account where each client is emotionally and psychologically and what they what to achieve  the therapeutic process they are about to undertake. 

I grew up in West Texas and moved to San Antonio in 2000. I love to travel and experience other cultures. 

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